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    About us
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    Jiade Energy Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiade Technology) is a national high and new enterprise that has been focusing on Li-ion battery industry for 20 years. We integrate global top cell resources and provide a one-stop solution for mobile power supply of portable devices.

    Jiade Technology has a stable R&D and management team with over 80% of 10 years of experience that deeply understands users' power needs. We sincerely cooperate with international top cell suppliers, such as ATL, Murata (SONY), Panasonic and SAMSUNG, to accurately select, design, verify, quickly iterate and respond to those mobile power supply needs in the professional field. Li-ion battery products designed and produced by Jiade Technology are widely used in professional video editing equipment, digital products such as cellular phones and tablets, various power and energy storage equipment, providing customers with the best power solution.

    Jiade Technology adheres to the management commitment of ‘people-oriented, well-organized, standardized and vigorous’ and has an efficient and fast research system. Adhering to the quality policy of sustainable development and customer satisfaction, we have established a quality assurance system with the organizational spirit of ISO9000 and IATF16949.

    The project of automated production and intelligent manufacturing management system (digital workshop) conducted by Jiade Technology was accepted by the relevant departments in Guangdong Province, which improves the level of intelligence and digitalization, process management and efficiency, as well as makes due contribution to Made in China 2025. To meet the market demand, digital workshop not only satisfies the needs of large-quantity and long-term products, but also allows for flexible equipment allocation.

    Jiade Technology has been awarded titles such as Guangdong Province Specialized and Innovative Enterprise, Guangdong Province Li-ion Battery Engineering Research Center for Explosion-proof and Environmental Protection, Guangdong Province Industrial Internet Application Innovation Benchmark Demonstration Project (Digital Workshop), National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, etc.

    Jiade Technology independently develops molds and power management systems (BMS) and conducts high-speed surface mounting (SMT) business to ensure product quality and development progress with comprehensive supporting capabilities.

    Jiade Technology cooperates closely with top mobile solution suppliers such as LONGCHEER, WINGTEC, Huaqin and SIMCom, as well as provide products and services to Foxconn (NOKIA), Xiaomi, SAMSUNG, LG, ZTE, Meizu, Transsion, TCL, ByteDance, China Mobile, Energy Monster and other brand customers.

    Jiade Technology independent develops various types of energy storage batteries, such as EPS, UPS and bridge detection vehicle battery, which are equipped with the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge. Our independently-developed ‘Beillen’ brand broadcast video camera batteries and chargers have obtained relevant certifications such as CB, KC, PSE, UL (ETL), etc. With excellent product quality and 20 years of dedicated service to users, we have gained recognition from international and domestic customers. Jiade Technology engages in sincere ODM cooperation with those industry leaders to assist in the realization of brand products.

    Thank you for paying attention and supporting Jiade Technology and our Beillen products. Our development and growth is contingent on your support and we hope to develop together with you and advance hand in hand!

    Jiade Technology, the expert in power supply solutions and Li-ion battery applications!

    Address: Seven Road JIADE Technology, Ding Jia Wan Industrial Park, Jin Wan Qu San Zao Zhen, Zhuhai, China
    Copyrights?blbattery.com Tel:0756-8287186?8287286?8287386Fax: 0756-8287686 Yue ICP B No. 19081608-1
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